Chuck Pineau is an indie comic writer, freelance editor, and reviewer who has helped nurture projects as Welcome to the Void, Belial, Essence House, and Catdad and SuperMom.

He is also the mind behind the YouTube show, Chuck’s Raw Reviews. He takes books that he has found through his travels and shows them off to you. He doesn’t talk shit about books, so whatever you see on his program are books that he has enjoyed. And anything that didn’t make the grade simply isn’t mentioned. At Chucks Raw Reviews, he’s been giving writers the opportunity to curse on their covers since 2017.

Winner of the 2019 Independent Creators Award for Best Reviewer.

November 9

9pm ET / 6pm PT

Chuck Pineau, Belial, comic books, editor, iNDEEvent, CRYPT WEEK, Geek Insider
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Chuck Pineau, Essence House, podcast, editor, writer, iNDEEvent, CRYPT WEEK, Geek Insider
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