Dead-Enders is a comedy web series about a group of doomsday preppers seeking a sense of community during the zombie apocalypse. The story picks up one week into the apocalypse, and it’s clear that no one is more prepared than the six neurotic members of the Ready, Prep, GO forum: Mac, a life-long doomsday prepper; Leo, a bossy middle-school teacher; Maisie, a bubbly fangirl; Eleanor, her jam-making girlfriend; Jodie, a cultural anthropologist; and Harper, a mess. Season 1 premiered on May 22, 2020 on the Dead-Ender’s official YouTube Channel.

Faced with irrevocably changing film and theater industries, Martinez and Stacy decided to harness Zoom as a new artistic medium. The backdrop of a zombie apocalypse was born first from the desire to establish an in-world reason for the Zoom format: there had to be a reason that it was impossible for the characters to go outside. The notion of a zombie apocalypse also allowed the cast to echo the realities of quarantine through a light-hearted and comedic lens, far-removed enough to provide escapism from the realities of lockdown NYC.

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November 13

8pm ET / 5pm PT

Anna Stacy
Nicole Martinez
Daniel Cabrera
Joe Raik
Laurel Andersen
Leslie Field