Randy Zimmerman is a Writer, Artist and Cartoonist.

A Self Publisher at Arrow Comix, EIUC of Flint Comix 2009-2019, Randy has been producing comics for most of his life; from having a comic strip published in his hometown newspaper to having numerous properties and short stories through a number of publishers, to being self-published.

Randy Zimm is an award-winning commercial artist with 35+ years experience in the alternative comic market. He is also the creator of the ZimmGeek channel on YouTube.

Works by Randy Zimmerman include: Tales From The Aniverse (a funny animal universe of the future), an updating (modern continuation really) of the novel The War Of The Worlds, the zombie comic The Dead, the vigilante “superhero” known as The Fool, and the underground humor character called Spank The Monkey.

He is also a co-anchor on Indie Volt LIVE and Breakfast Buzz, and recently launched his new show Sunday Funnies.

November 10

Indie Volt LIVE
9 PM ET / 6 PM PT

Randy Zimmerman, Arrow Comix, comic books, illustrator, artist, writer, Indie Volt, Geek Insider, indeevent
Randy Zimmerman, comic books, Arrow Comix, illustrator, artist, Indie Volt, Geek Insider, indeevent
Randy Zimmerman, comics, artist, illustrator, writer, Indie Volt, Geek Insider, indeevent,
indie volt, Randy Zimmerman, Varian Grant, Indie Princess,